Identity and Access Management Controls on OutSystems Platform

For many years one of the greatest Identity and Access Management challenges of the OutSystems platform has been an inability to use your Single Sign On(SSO) solution to authenticate your developers and administrators on the platform. The headache being that as staff and team members left your organisation HR process automation would trigger their Laptop login, building access pass and corporate systems access to be disabled but not their OutSystems platform access as this is not on the corporate SSO. The irony being that the applications you build with OutSystems were always very easy to authenticate via Active directory or SSO solutions using forge plugins such as IDP

Today we were happily surprised to see the release from OutSystems labs of a forge plugin to lifetime to address this issue. Having deployed OutSystems platform at a Top 4 Consultancy and at the leading global Credit Rating and Data company we are excited to test this new component and see if closes out this ongoing security concern.