Key to good Data Governance is having a catalogue of the available data that can be readily accessed by data users such as your data engineers and data scientists.

With the introduction of the GDPR these catalogues, particularly of personal data, become critical to servicing a Subject Access Requests as your staff make sure they identify all relevant records to service the request.  

In organisations of more than a couple of people it is not unusual for data sources to be added, modified or removed without all parties being aware of all changes. Manually cataloguing data sources at a certain scale becomes a significant labour cost and maintaining a catalogue an ongoing manual tasks. 

Data Discovery and Identity Catalogue.jpg

To automate this key activity there are a number of platforms we have partnered with that can scan your data sources, both structured ,such as databases, big data platforms and applications, and unstructured such as documents and emails. These platforms allow google like searching for data sets and automation of the search elements of Subject Access Requests.  If you would like to discuss options for your organisation then please drop us a note.