A Rapid Application Delivery capability such as OutSystems will radically change the speed and quality of your digital application capability. You may however require support to optimise your deployment of OutSystems into your organisation. The Davies March team has unparalleled experience deploying and integrating OutSystems into your organisation, be that for developing internal applications, applications for your customers to access your services or building and hosting applications on behalf of other client organisations.

The diagram below is list of services that Davies March can provide to support your OutSystems powered growth.

Service Catalogue.png
Service Category Description Example Considerations
Business Case Creation Deploy When looking to introduce a Rapid Build Capability you may be asked to produce a business case to validate any investment against the Business Case and Due Diligence guidelines of your company. This may include scoping a list of applications you are planning to build platform. The team at Davies March have supported Business Case development at a number of business’s including large consulting companies, global data business, Government and Charities.
  • Financial Business Case
  • Technology Risk Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Application scoping and planning
Configuration Specification and Price Negotiation Deploy There are a number of options for the specification and configuration of your OutSystems environment which will impact your spend profile, technology strategy alignment and growth strategy. The team at Davies March are experienced in a number of non advertised deployment strategies that they can help you negotiate to help further minimise your financial and business risk.
  • Sentry vs Standard
  • Demo and free development environments
  • Fail-over and load balancing requirements
  • AWS vs Azure
  • Java vs .Net
  • Dev, Test Prod vs Dev, Test, Pre-prod, Prod vs Etc
  • Location of cloud servers
Platform Deployment and Configuration Deploy After purchasing your OutSystems platform Davies March can work with your OutSystems account manager to ensure the environments are deployed to your specification, setup the security, apply the domain names and certificates, create the developer groups, configure single sign on, roll out developer clients, work with your network team to implement firewall rules and configuring any VPN’s.
  • Deploying environments with account manager
  • Security settings
  • Server naming and certificates
  • Firewall rules and VPN’s
  • Developer groups
  • Single sign on
Application Build/Developer Enablement Deploy When you first deploy your OutSystems platform you may want help to plan and deliver your first batch of applications. Davies March can help to deliver these applications as you build your development team. We often recommend working with your newly trained developers on the first set of applications helping to accelerate their experience and build the capacity for them to lead the development of the next batch of applications.
  • How to plan the build of an application in OutSystems
  • Gathering requirements in OutSystems
  • Agile delivery and devops in OutSystems
  • OutSystems patterns
  • Building reusable components
  • Optimising AO’s and user accounts
Creative Services Deploy Whilst OutSystems comes with out of the box layout and theme templates you may want to create a theme for your organisation or custom themes for each of your clients. Davies March can help engage your creative/ graphic design team to design these themes or help identify a creative partner.
  • Design of process for engaging your creative team
  • Establish your design partners
API Integration Deploy One of the quickest ways to add powerful functionality to your applications is to integrate with webservices. At Davies March we have leveraged Data Science APIs to do facial recognition, predictive analytics, machine learning and so on. We can help you leverage these services to deliver rich functionality.
  • API identification and recommendation
  • API integration
  • API wrappers
Security Configuration and Testing Deploy Whilst one of the reasons for implementing OutSystems is the built in security of the platform there is some security configuration that you will want to setup such as the SSL certificates, developer security groups, user groups, user roles, segregation of duties, data privacy and regulation configuration. You will also want to conduct a penetration test often to meet the requirements of your security team and/or as evidence to provide to clients as part of their cloud onboarding procedure. Davies March are experienced at deploying OutSystems at regulated firms and can help you configure and test the security settings.
  • SSL Certificate configuration
  • Regulation configuration eg GDPR
Security Monitoring and Continuous Testing Deploy To provide assurance of security and testing for new threats, it often standard to conduct penetration testing on at least an annual basis. You may also want to leverage security testing platforms that continuously test for threats. Davies March can help design your testing regime and help you select and integrate a continuous security testing platform.
  • Design support for security testing regime
  • Support to drive resolution of identified security issues
  • Support for selection of continuous security testing platform
Single Sign On (SSO) Deploy Whether for applications you are using internally or applications you are hosting for clients having a robust single sign on capability is core to a modern cloud deployment. A seamless application access experience leveraging already established credentials automatically in the background for users is key to user adoption and reducing support cases. Davies March has extensive experience helping organisations to select a single sign on solution to match their technology strategy or leveraging existing SSO investments. Davies March are also one of the developers on OutSystems Azure AD and Office 365 integration.
  • Selecting Single Sign On(SSO) solution
  • Configuring SSO solution for OutSystems
  • Training developers and support team on integrating
Developer Training Operate One of the strong features of OutSystems is that training and training environments are available free and online for self paced training. Sometimes however when training a group, particularly of graduates or people new to development, having a resource available to deliver and support the training is an advantage. The team at Davies March have designed training programmes as well as delivered and supported training for over three years, building developer capability at a number of enterprises.
  • Training delivery
  • Establishing your training programme
Operations and Support Management Operate As your OutSystems application estate grows you will look to have capacity to support the applications and manage the platform. This might include a capacity to enhance and bug fix applications, manage developer accounts, manage annual security testing and/or manage platform upgrades. The Davies March team have extensive experience setting up OutSystems operations and support functions as either standalone or integrated into shared support functions.
  • Establishing OutSystems application support
  • Establishing OutSystems platform support
Upgrade Management Operate OutSystems are actively improving the platform and adding new features. This leads to regular updates, whilst updating the developer clients can be readily managed upgrades to the server component of the platform requires a planned deployment. This includes scheduling server downtimes for upgrade with OutSystems support team, recompiling code and regression testing applications. The team at Davies March have extensive experience setting up processes to manage upgrade process efficiently.
  • Scheduling server downtimes
  • Working with OutSystems support team on upgrade windows
  • Regression testing of applications
Development Partners Operate As you build your application estate you may wish to work with OutSystems onshore and offshore development resources. Davies March can help you source and interview independent OutSystems developers or advise on development partner organisations.
  • Assistance sourcing and interviewing independent developers
  • Advise on development organisations with which to partner.
Sales Enablement Sell If you are looking to leverage OutSystems to build hosted solutions for clients, then the experienced team at Davies March can help you scale up your sales team. The team has built sales capacity at a top 4 Consultancy and at one of the worlds biggest data companies.
  • Creation of sales support materials
  • Briefing sales leads on capability
  • Supporting sales resources in initial pitches
  • Pricing tools
  • Idea validation
Pitch Prototyping Sell The rapid build core feature of OutSystems allow you to build robust highly credible prototypes for client pitches that always out perform competitors slideware or Excel/Access based demo’s. Davies March experience will help you ensure you have the correct infrastructure and processes to maximise exploitation of this core feature.
  • Prototype infrastructure
  • Developer bandwidth/capacity to support prototype builds
  • Library of re-useable components